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Rosneft Employees Receive Russian Government Award for Innovative Developments in Science and Technology

10 December 2019

Rosneft Oil Company employees have received an award from the Government of the Russian Federation and the award-winning title for their innovative developments in Science and Technology. The relevant decree is published on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Vice-President of Rosneft Alexander Romanov, Director-General of the Angarsk Plant of Catalysts and Organic Synthesis Viktor Tomin, plant’s Chief Engineer Vladimir Angluster, and Department Head of Rosneft Andrey Karavanov have been awarded for the development of new import-substituting technologies for the production of reforming catalysts and their industrial development at oil refineries.

Department Director of Rosneft Alexander Pashali, Department Deputy Director Oleg Sochnev, Department Manager Konstantin Kornishin, and expert of the Arctic Research and Design Centre for Offshore Development Yaroslav Yefimov have received the award for their work on determining the characteristics of ice formations of the Russian Arctic seas and practical implementation of technological solutions to reduce the risks of their negative impact on offshore oil and gas facilities during the development of the continental shelf.

Note for Editors:

Catalytic reforming of gasoline fractions is one of the main processes of high-octane motor fuels production. The level of process technology largely determines the efficiency of oil refining as a whole. The quality of the catalyst plays a key role in reforming.

The Angarsk Plant of Catalysts and Organic Synthesis, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, is a specialized enterprise producing a wide range of catalysts, adsorbents, catalyst carriers, dehumidifiers, and zeolites, as well as organic synthesis products. The enterprise has a strong foundation for research and development in the field of oil refining and petrochemicals.

Rosneft specialists were first in the country to perform 1.1 million tonnes iceberg propulsion in the conditions of an ice field. The expedition work was carried out in the areas of the Barents and Kara Seas. Under different weather conditions, the scientists conducted eight experiments to detect and track icebergs using various technical means, including the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Rosneft launched the research of hydrometeorological, ice and geotechnical conditions in licence areas of the Arctic shelf in 2012. The Company together with experts from the Arctic Research and Design Centre organized and performed over 20 integrated research and development expeditions. The research programme is specifically focused on complex observation of ice conditions. Top-level Russian and international scientific and engineering companies take part in the research.

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