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Rosneft Launches Digital Field Project in Bashkiria

21 May 2019

Rosneft launched the information system Digital Field in trial operation. This project, implemented based on the Bashneft Ilishevskoye field, for the first time in the industry covers all basic processes of oil production and logistics.

The opening ceremony dedicated to the launch of innovative system was attended by Chairman of the Board of Bashneft, Andrei Shishkin, and Acting Head of Bashkiria Radiy Khabirov.

The implementation of digital technologies on the Ilishevskoye field of Bashneft will allow achieving significant growth of production indicators and economic effect. The quantity of remotely-controlled objects will increase almost by 60 percent, the energy efficiency of processes of production will increase by 5 percent, and logistic costs will decrease by 5 percent.

The experience gained in the course of the pilot project implemented at the Ilishevskoye field will be in demand at all Rosneft fields. Due to scaling of technologies within Bashneft the company expects to receive in addition about 1 million tons of oil due to optimization of production. The economic effect will be about 1 billion roubles per year.

“We have received very optimistic results, which indicate that the introduction of digital technologies is one of the priorities for the industry development. We are creating an integrated chain of a new type, which includes a “digital field”, “digital plant”, and “digital gas station”. With regard to producing assets, in the near future, the lack of digital solutions will be a major shortcoming in competitive practices. Fields will not be able to work effectively without coordination. And such coordination is provided by the Centre for Integrated Operations, the brain of a digital enterprise,” said the chairman of the board of Bashneft, Andrei Shishkin, during the ceremony.

Basic elements of digital model of the field are “digital doubles”, mobile digital devices with data transmission, and an intelligent system of monitoring of pipelines. All the following innovative modules were developed in Rosneft’s corporate R&D centre:

  • The 3D visualisation technology creates the effect of presence, allows to consider specifics of production facilities and features of a landscape. Parameters of objects and information on technology deviations are displayed in real time. If necessary, the remote control is exercised of technology objects.
  • The system of “digital doubles”, virtual analogues of production facilities which model internal processes, technical characteristics, and functioning of objects on the field.
  • New-generation mobile digital devices with data transmission on the basis of industrial Internet of Things for the security of workers are “smart” helmets, gas analysers, environment sensors, sensors of pulse and location.
  • The pipeline transport monitoring system, which informs in real time on the accomplishment of regular round-checks of pipelines and potentially dangerous sections in the automatic mode.
  • The oil treatment monitoring system, which predicts potential deviations in a technology operation mode of the equipment that gives the chance to timely organise reparative measures.
  • The oil formation flooding management system, which analyses the efficiency of injecting of liquid and provides recommendations for remote control over the pressure maintenance system.
  • The power monitoring system, which allows controlling the status of power facilities and loading of the electric networks, performs continuous monitoring of the unit consumption of the electric power, and finds opportunities for an increase in the energy efficiency of oil production.

All the key production facilities at the field were digitalised, such as the artificial well stock, pipeline transport, oil treatment system, and power facilities.

Note for Editors:

Bashneft’s Ilishevskoye field is located in the Ilishevsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The field commissioned in 1996 belongs with brownfields. Over 10.8 million tonnes of oil have been produced there throughout its life. The heavy wear of its wells made the output go down. The implementation of the innovative project breathes new life into Ilishevskoye field.

The project is managed by the Centre for Integrated Operations in Dyurtyuli, in the immediate vicinity of the pilot production site.

The development and launch of the Digital Field project are performed in line with the Rosneft 2022 Strategy that calls for transmission to a brand new level of business management, improved sustainability, production efficiency, and loss reduction.

The Company’s Corporate R&D Centre is in charge of the development and implementation of the project. The R&D and design works are carried out by the Institute of RN-BashNIPIneft, as well as by production specialists of Bashneft and Sibintek, the inner IT integrating unit of the Company.

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 May 21, 2019

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